Our History

How it all started?

Ideal Partner was founded in 1998.

previous Ideal Partner logo
In the very beginning of it’s activity the company focused on selling commodities, mainly medical articles, supplying the biggest hospitals and clinics in Poland.In 2002 Ideal Partner started the producion of it’s own products and year by year it’s share in overall sales grew.
Since 2007 company introduced products for cosmetics.

In 2010 Ideal Partner established three private lable brands- Softip, Medip and Indip.

Between 2009-2010 thanks to EU funds, an invesment project which resulted in launching an automatic folding line for bedsheets and towels and bulilding new high-storage warehouse was realised.
In 2011 an electronic operating warehouse software was introduced.

We belevie that our years of experience and developed technical background will enable finding in Ideal Partner solid and experienced partner in segment of nonwoven disposable products.